The Pan European EuroJackpot lottery was launched in 2012 and has become a household name ever since. With 12 different prize divisions and bigger prizes than most of the World’s biggest lotteries, the EuroJackpot offers much better odds. In order to win the EuroJackpot, you will need to match 5 correct numbers along with 2 additional ones (Euro Numbers). If no Jackpot winner is announced, the prize will be added onto the next, increasing the Jackpot for its next upcoming draw. EuroJackpot Lottery results are updated online regularly according to the official Europe EuroJackpot lottery. With a minimum of €10 Million in Jackpot, it may climb all the way to its cap which is set at €90 Million!

Prize Breakdown

EuroJackpot Winning Numbers


All you need to know about EuroJackpot Results

The EuroJackpot lottery game is played using a combination of numbers. Each number of the winning combination is drawn by an authorized agent of EU Euro Jackpot and recorded until the combination is completed. It is then published on the lotto page results online along with the corresponding prize amount. All winning number combinations including the consolation prizes and bonuses (if any) are displayed online. Result checker software and other tools are also available to know EU Euro Jackpot latest results.