EuroJackpot Information

EuroJackpot is a Pan European Lottery, offering participation world-wide and sold in several European countries such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Thanks to LotteryClub– you too can take part in one of the biggest lotteries in the world no matter where you live! Europe EuroJackpot is drawn once a week, on Friday nights at 21:00 local time in Helsinki, Finland.
Hosted In Schedule Guess Range Jackpot Type Tax Requirements
Europe Friday 21:00 5/50 + EuroStars 2/10 Cash About 6.00%

Prize Breakdown

Lottery Starts From: € 10,000,000
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The EuroJackpot is planned in a way which will to pay out much more frequently (1:95 million odds versus 1:117 million for the EuroMillions and over 1:139 million for the German Lotto). As a result, it is not anticipated that the lottery will grow to the same record-breaking sizes achieved by the EuroMillions, as it will most likely be won instead.

€10,000,000 is the EuroJackpot’s beginning Jackpot and it may increases as it rolls-over until someone wins or it reaches its cap at €90,000,000! The EuroJackpot is designed to have more payoffs at higher stakes. The biggest jackpot prize ever recorded since its launch in March 2012 was at €90 Million which is also the lotteries maximum cap. On May15, 2015, a single lottery ticket matched all numbers drawn by a Czech lottery participant.

All winning numbers are published on EuroJackpot’s Result Page. A Super Draw takes place several times a year (usually twice) offering a starting Jackpot of €100.000.000 which will continue rolling over until won or reaches it maximum cap of €190.000.000.

Guess Range: 1-50 + 2PB 1-10
Guess RangeSchedule: Friday 19:00 hs
Jackpot Type: Cash
Tax Requirement: Tax free

Country of Origin

Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia.
Who can play?Anyone, anywhere!