The Spanish BonoLoto is held daily through Monday to Saturday offering a Jackpot beginning at €400,000 and increasing until won. With a guess range of 6 out of 49 this lottery is truly a must try!

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All you need to know about BonoLoto Results

First introduced in Spain in 1988 as a cheaper lottery option, the BonoLoto became one of Spain’s finest and most played lotteries! The chance of a first division win is 1 in 13,983,816. As opposed to other major lotteries who offer much higher odds; the lottery is drawn several times per week, taking place from Monday through Saturday offering a minimum Jackpot of €400,000 as a starting point. Even though the beginning Jackpot is relatively low, there have been huge Jackpot wins for this lottery. Bono Lotto’s biggest jackpot win took par in 1990. A single player took on a fine sum of €7 million! The largest group to win Bono Lotto was a group of 94 people who won €34,000 each from a jackpot of over €3.2 million!