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New winners found for Powerball and Euromillions. Check the latest lottery results online to see if you won!

Hurry up, check the lottery results on any online lottery provider to see if you are the lucky winner of the huge $420,000,000 Powerball or the new Euromillionaire in town. It has been a crazy weekend for lottery players around the world who have been able to match the correct lottery numbers and won amazing prizes. Powerball has been rolling over for more than 2 months and…[Read more]

Win Powerball on LotteryClub, the top online lottery website!

Are you a fan of Powerball and a loyal member of LotteryClub, the top online lottery website? If yes, then here is what you need to know. 2016 has been the best year so far in Powerball’s history as well as for Powerball winners. Saturday, September 12th draw failed to produce a jackpot winner whereby the next jackpot amount has reached to an amount of $293,000,000…[Read more]

Play the online lottery daily – Lottery Syndicate Winners Stories!

Create custom syndicate packages and play the online lottery daily at LotteryClub. Did you know that one in every four lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate? That is why LotteryClub encourages its members to play in a syndicate and win Big. Don’t you want to know a bit about some lucky syndicate winners? There is no doubt in the fact that playing in a syndicate has more odds of winning…[Read more]

The online lottery club shares the story of Surego Ndabene!

Join our online lottery club and learn about Surego Ndabene’s secret to win the lottery five times. If you are reading this, just close your eyes and contemplate for two minutes that you won the lottery. Now, how does it feel? Good, super good or super duper good! When you actually win the lottery, the feeling is much more intense than this, it is a feeling that one cannot explain in words. Some lottery players wish…[Read more]

Be the lucky winner on one of top 10 lottery sites

This year has proven to be a memorable one for lottery players who won amazing prizes by matching the right lottery winning numbers. The search for the lucky UK Lotto winner continues – the winning ticket-holder who scooped a £26.1 million jackpot on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016. The winning numbers needed to win the huge jackpot are – 2, 3, 4, 32, 54 and 59. The winner is still anonymous since…[Read more]

Phil Morgan’s story on LotteryClub, the top online lottery website

LotteryClub, the top online lottery website is sharing with you the story of a lucky lottery winner. Ever heard of Phil Morgan? Best-known as a lucky lottery winner, Phil Morgan is said to have won the lottery 111 times. Yes, you read it right, 111 times! It is believed that playing the same lottery numbers every time you purchase your lottery tickets turns out to be either fruitful for some lottery players or inefficient for…[Read more]


Europe’s biggest new online lottery game produced a lucky winner!

For the third time in the history of Eurojackpot, the biggest online lottery game was set at a breath-taking amount worth €90 million and this is the maximum jackpot amount set for the Europe’s lottery so far. On Friday 14th October 2016, a lucky winner or winners from the western state of Hesse scooped the huge EuroJackpot. The winner is still unknown to the world since no one has come forward to claim the prize yet[Read more]

Play SuperEnalotto on one of the top 10 online lottery sites

LotteryClub, one of the top 10 online lottery sites is offering you the Italian lottery game to play. Since the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot was won on Tuesday 11th of October by a Belgian, SuperEnalotto became once again the biggest lottery game with the most incredible prize amount. Once again no one has been able to match the winning numbers of the ever increasing SuperEnalotto rollover for…[Read more]

Millionaire found for England’s famous Euromillions Superdraw worth €166 million – Play the lottery online!

One lucky winning ticket holder will not forget yesterday’s date as he or she has scooped the mouth watering Superdraw jackpot. This jackpot also considered as the largest jackpot prize of 2016 goes to a Belgian player who scooped a breath-taking amount of €166 million. Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 draw will probably remain an unforgettable event for Belgium as someone hits the fifth largest individual lottery win[Read more]

The online lottery  – EuroMillions Superdraw has rolled over!

All you need to know about the EuroMillions Superdraw, your favourite online lottery – The EuroMillions Superdraw is back and this year it was firstly held on Friday, September 30th, 2016. Some of you have been waiting for this special event and some are still unaware of the Superdraw. The last Superdraw jackpot was held on November 6th ,2015.  This time it is better and this time it is bigger…[Read more]

How to deal with lottery winning – Evaluation by the most rated lottery website!

Here at LotteryClub, one of the most rated lottery website, we provide you with some tips on how to deal with lottery winning. According to news, more than 40% of winners lose it all since they do not plan their savings well and they end up broke. That is why LotteryClub advises its members to act wisely once they receive their winnings or the jackpot prize. The first step that needs to be taken is to seek the help of a financial advisor…[Read more]

The online lottery OzLotto and its winners in Australia

This year – 2016 has proven to be very lucky for the winners residing in Australia – Oz Lotto, the online lottery which recently produced a winner on September 13th, 2016. The winner was a man from the City of Maroondah found in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne who grabbed an impressive amount of $10 million by matching the correct numbers 42 – 19 – 30 – 29 – 1 – 3 – 44 plus the supplementary numbers 28 and 23….[Read more]

The online lottery application form – what’s next?

Filling the online lottery application form or signing up is the very first step to go through if you wish to play the lottery online. To be able to use and benefit from the services of LotteryClub, it is imperative for you to first create an account on our website and submit the required information to us regarding your online lottery account. However, lottery players reserve the right to decide whether they want to…[Read more]

Buy a lottery online – It’s the Lottery Fever!

September is bringing amazing changes in the lives of many people – this weekend has been really exciting for many lucky winners. If you also wish to experience the same thrill, come on be quick and buy a lottery online. Six biggest lotteries – Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Lotto649, Oz Lotto and BonoLoto have produced millionaires in different parts of the world and rolled over again to incredible amounts…[Read more]


The benefits you get when playing in the online lottery contest

Playing in an online lottery contest has indeed become one of the famous and most common ways of participating in the lottery play. There are tons of lottery players or lottery lovers who purchase their lottery tickets almost every week and even every day; in doing so, they make sure that they do not miss the deadline of their favourite lottery games. There has been a change in playing the lottery and as such, there is a shift from…[Read more]

Online Uk Lotto record jackpot in lottery’s history

Did you know that the largest online UK Lotto rollover was scooped on January 13th, 2016 smashing the 1995 jackpot record with two lucky lottery winners claiming the £66 million prize? Handyman and mechanic David Martin and his wife Carol, both 54 are the lucky winners of the biggest lotto jackpot ever worth £33 million. This big won brought a life-changing experience in the lives of the Martins...[Read more] 

Online lottery Lotto649- Are you the recent millionaire found  in Canada?

The online lottery Lotto649 originated from Canada has been in the news since July 2016. Launched on June 12th, 1982 and considered as the first nationwide Canadian lottery game, Lotto649 allows players to choose their own lottery numbers. Being a national lotto game in Canada as well as an online lotto game, Lotto649 has been producing many lottery winners recently. Did you know that the minimum jackpot of Lotto649 starts at…[Read more]

EuroMillions, the Euro lottery played online – New Rules For September 24th, 2016

Changes to EuroMillions, the Euro lottery draw will come into effect on the 24th of September 2016 – play online for better winning chances. The number of lucky stars will change from a pool of 11 numbers to a pool of 12 numbers but players will still have to pick five main numbers from a range of 1 to 50. The odds of winning the jackpot will change from 1 in 117 million to 1 in 140 million. The price of EuroMillions ticket is going to increase to [Read more]

The history of lottery to online lottery

The online lottery has changed the way lottery lovers used to play the lottery. Playing the lottery is known as the best and easiest way to win big cash prizes with less asset. Being a popular form of gaming, the lottery has been successful in luring many players who won huge amounts by purchasing lottery tickets. In some states, playing the lottery is forbidden while in some countries, citizens are allowed to play the lottery…[Read more]


LotteryClub – The best lottery website online

Players always search for the best lottery website to play their favourite lotteries since they do not want to go through bad experiences and they fear of becoming victims of scams. LotteryClub, being one of the leading lottery agents in the online lottery market offers customers with a trustworthy and professional service at every level during their play process. LotteryClub provides players with the world’s licensed lotteries…[Read more]


Online Lottery Pool – Play Together and Win Together

If you are new to the online lottery world, then the word online lottery pool might be something totally new for you. The online lottery pool is just another way of saying online lottery syndicate. If you are a fan of the monster lotteries Powerball and MegaMillions then you must have heard how their huge jackpots have been hit by lottery pool members. The lottery pool is an exciting and fun way of playing your favourite lottery games with…[Read more]

The online European lottery – EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is one of the most popular online European lottery played in European countries such as Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Hungary, Spain and Italy among others. With the advent of online lottery agents, lottery players can now easily play EuroJackpot anywhere and anytime they want from their digital devices. Did you know, EuroJackpot provides players with good winning odds…[Read more]

How does online lottery wheel work?

Ever heard of the online lottery wheel? The lottery wheeling system is an interesting online lottery tool and a strategy lottery players adopt to secure their wins. This tool is basically used when you have to make lottery choices. Just like any other online lottery software that you might have encountered, the wheeling system is based on a smart and sophisticated algorithm. You might be wondering what is an algorithm and how does…[Read more]

Tips to win a lottery online

How to win a lottery online is a question all players keep asking themselves. Have you ever wondered the endless choices you would have once you win the lottery? You can move on to another country, go on an extended vacation or holiday, buy your dream house, a villa, an island and fulfil all the desires of your family – only if you knew how to hit it big. Everything becomes magical when you win the lottery…[Read more]

Why should you play on an online lottery website?

Online lottery website is a new platform introduced in the world of the lottery, offering new ways for lottery players to play the lottery online. Billions and trillions of people like to play the lottery. The lottery is a prehistoric game and lottery tickets are sold in shops, on street corners, and on online lotto sites. These lottery platforms allow you to purchase international lotteries online and thus you can easily participate…[Read more]

Online lottery account – How does it work?

Online lottery account with LotteryClub is just very simple, easy and too much fun. Firstly, you need to login to your account which is found on the top right-hand side of the website. Once you register, you will have your own personal account where you can always check all the required information and your played numbers, and you can always check your account for more details. However, if you are having any difficulty with your purchase…[Read more]

After New Jersey, now New Hampshire is making a Powerball rollover buzz!

There’s a Powerball buzz in New Hampshire. Last time the winning ticket worth $429 million was sold in New Jersey and the recent huge Powerball rollover ticket was sold in New Hampshire this time at the Hannaford supermarket. Sandra Consalvo confirmed during a news statement that “it was a quick pick ticket that was purchased at a self-service vending station inside the store.” The lucky winner who has yet to come… [Read More]

Ways to win online lottery games with LotteryClub!

LotteryClub is always at the disposal of its members, whereby we provide our members with multiple online lottery games and various ways to win not only prizes but as well as the jackpot. In this article, we mention about the different ways we help our members to win their favourite lotteries online. Read on how we help you to win and start winning big. LotteryClub offers you a wide variety of global and online lottery games…[Read More]

Finally, the third winners of the huge Powerball jackpot worth $1.6 billion came forward to claim their prize.

Marvin and Mae Acosta, a couple came forward on Tuesday 19th, 2016, six months after the largest drawing in the U.S history to claim their jackpot which is $528 million. Marvin and Mae Acosta were among the three big winners who won the largest prize of a record jackpot worth $1.58 billion in California Lottery history in January 2016. According to California Lottery Director Hugo Lopez, the Acostas took so long to claim the prize…[Read More]

Win in an online lottery syndicate!

Do you wish to win the lottery and fulfil all of your dreams? It’s obviously a yes, so to fulfil your dreams and to increase your winning chances, start playing in an online lottery syndicate. Here, at LotteryClub, members get the opportunity to participate in a syndicate – a group consisting of 150 partners. By playing in a syndicate, members have many advantages such as buying more tickets at a cheaper price. They can play several lines per draw and they also get the…[Read More]

Play a lottery online to avoid these 5 big mistakes

Play a lottery online is easy while winning the lottery is not easy due to some mistakes lottery players tend to make. Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire one day and yet they prevent themselves from winning. You might be thinking how? There are various mistakes that lottery players make which can prevent them from winning. Below are five big mistakes which prevent you from making your dream of becoming a millionaire…[Read More]