Latest Winners

Adam W.Australia Won US$ 133,000
EUR - EuroMillions

Francoise R.New Caledonia Won US$ 14,088
USA - PowerBall

Total Wins €26,133,879


  • Kevin Raucaz – New Zealand Informative website
    I really like this site, it is safe to play since every time I make a purchase, I get a copy of the ticket on my account. 
  • Gina P. – Sweden Professional Service
    The website provides a professional and friendly service, I could easily play any lottery from my country. Amazing service I would say, I’m impressed.
  • Rebecca Williams – Germany Fun syndicate play
    Once I was registered, I got the opportunity to play in a syndicate and my group won $15,000 in the megamillions lottery. 
  • Hughes T. – Australia The online Platform for lotto players
    “LotteryClub is the place to be for Mega Millions and Powerball lovers! It’s so simple and quick to use.” It is the right online platform for lotto players.
  • Chris R. – France Good service!
    I have been playing on this website and it is good so far. They have a great support team who are always ready to help me through my lottery purchase. 
  • Adam K. – Finland My first big win!
    I won $38,000 – My very first win! Thank you LotteryClub for this big happiness. After several weeks of playing the lottery, I finally won a great amount. 

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